Home Buy Prioritisation order


The Home Buy priority order has since been updated again In December 2021 to the following order:

  • 1. Social Tenants
  • 2. Homeless working in Temporary accommodation
  • 3. Key workers currently living or working in the borough
  • 4. Wheelchair applicants (when it is a wheelchair adapted property)
  • 5. Living in the borough longer than 12 months
  • 6. Working in the borough longer than 12 months
  • 7. Living or working in the borough for less than 12 months



    Army / ex-army now falls within the key work category, but Ex-regular service personnel (who have served in the Armed Forces for a minimum of six years and can produce a Discharge Certificate, or similar document). Applications must be within 12 months of discharge.


    Key workers must currently be working in that role - living or working in the borough.

    Properties with two or more bedrooms: Households will be prioritised based on their bedroom size need.

    Applicants with children under 18 will be prioritised for properties with two or more bedrooms.

    Those applicants who register their interest in a property that has two or more bedrooms but do not have a need (e.g. single applicants or couples) will only be considered after we have exhausted the list of all applicants that do meet the bedroom size need. In that regard, we reserve the right to republish an advertisement for a property with two or more bedrooms multiple times to attract the targeted cohort.