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New Developments


Fulham Reach      

Fairfax House in the heart of Fulham Reach is an exclusive London address in a truly privileged position. Set in beautifully landscaped gardens and next to one of the most dramatic stretches of the River Thames.  Offering a selection one bedroom Manhattan and two bedroom apartments beautifully designed with a contemporary interior to complement a stylish lifestyle.


Manhattan Unit (5 units remaining) 

Open Market Value £600,000 – £645,000

Buyers share - 35.09% to 43.49%

Discount Sale Price - £213,377 to £273,123


2 bedrooms Unit (2 units remaining)

Open Market Value - £833,000 – £855,000 

Buyers Share  - 31.94% to 32.79% 

Discount Sale Price - £273,123 


Rent per month - £0 

Service Charge

Estimated £233.23 to £397.30 per month  

Ground Rent  

Manhattan Unit - £300 per annum 

Two bed- £550 per annum 

Maximum household income - £90,000

Minimum deposit recommended:10% 

Maximum deposit available must be declared


IMPORTANT NOTE: To avoid disappointment, please ensure your Home Buy application is up to date (such as maximum deposit and annual income), we will not consider any changes to applications after interest has been submitted. 


Am I Eligible

All applicants must have a live/work connection to Hammersmith and Fulham Borough.  

Maximum household income of £90,000 

Have an up-to-date submitted application with h&f Home Buy 

You cannot currently own a property in the UK or abroad 

Applicants will be prioritised according to their housing need 


Bedroom need 

Manhattan Unit - suitable for single and couples. 

2 Bed  – Priority will be given to applicants with children/dependents under 18  

Applicants who require a 2 bedroom but do not have children or dependents, will be prioritised below applicants with children or dependents. 

Please note priority will be given to applicants who have children under 18 years old 


For more information about the development, please click on the link below: 



How do I express my interest

h&f Home Buy using the link below:



Please note, if you are registering for the 1st time, you will need to wait 24 hours for your account to be activated before you can log back in. 

1. Make sure you are registered with h&f Home Buy using the link below: 


2. Once logged into your account before the deadline, click ‘interested’ on the property that you would like to be shortlisted for: 



Deadline to express interest 

Please express your interest to purchase no later than 9th July 10.00am 

Any applications, including phone calls or emails will not be considered after this date and time. 

All of your information must be up-to-date and correct on your application at the time of submitting interest. 

What happens after I’ve expressed my interest

Once you have expressed interest, H&F Home Buy will shortlist in accordance with the shortlisting prioritisation process. Please see link below for details on how we prioritise applicants: 



While an advert is still live it ranks your position at the time, but final ranking takes place after the deadline.


This shortlist will then be sent to an independent financial advisor, Martin Fairchild to confirm affordability. 

If successfully shortlisted, you will need to provide further information to the financial advisor, please see lists below: 

•Full name: 

•Date of birth: 

•Full address: 

•Contact telephone number: 

•E-mail address: 

•Job title: 

•Gross basic salary if employed: 

•Commissions/bonuses/overtime earned in the last 12 months if employed: 

• Last 3 years Tax Calculations and Tax Overviews from the Revenue for the self employed or company directors: 

•Outstanding balance on credit cards: 

•Loan/HP/Student Loan monthly repayments: 

•Maximum available deposit: 

•Do you have a UK passport or indefinite leave to remain? 

•Do you have any Defaults or County Court Judgements in the last 6 years? 


IMPORTANT NOTE: To avoid disappointment, maximum deposit available must be declared to Martin Fairchild for financial assessment before the deadline. We will not consider your applications to increase your deposit after the deadline and it will not be possible to include you in the final shortlist.

Final shortlist

The final shortlist (eligible and affordable) will be sent to St George to make offers to those who have the highest priority and in position order.  


You will be invited along to the viewing and reservation day.