Am I eligible?

The general eligibility criteria to register with h&f Home Buy are:

•You live or work in Hammersmith & Fulham and
•You have a household income between £19,000 and £90,000 (unless otherwise stated)
•You do not own a home at present

In addition, some of the products detailed earlier in this booklet may have specific eligibility criteria such as: whether you are a council or housing association tenant; a key worker; a first time buyer; or registered on the Council’s Housing Register.
As well as confirming your eligibility for the products, we will assign you a priority level and this will be utilised when considering you for properties.


h&f Home Buy allocate properties in accordance with the Home Buy prioritisation policy. This is due to the popularity of the low cost home ownership properties available and the great demand for homes in the borough.

  • Armed Services (and Ex Armed Services) personnel (as defined by First Steps London*) living (or
  • Previously living as an adult) for twelve consecutive months in the borough
  • Social tenants in either council housing or Private Registered Provider housing.
  • Police officers living or working in the borough
  • Homeless Working Households in Temporary Accommodation
  • Customers with physical disability using a wheelchair
  • Households living for twelve consecutive months in the borough
  • Household working for twelve consecutive months in the borough
  • Households living or working in the borough with an income within the relevant thresholds (income thresholds can be scheme specific – speak to us for more details)

If you require further information regarding your eligibility for the low cost home ownership products and your priority please contact us on 020 8753 6464 or email us at h&
Please note that the priorities above are subject to change at the Council’s discretion at any time and without prior notification.